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Website Security

Hosting a website means, unfortunately, hackers and malware. As a domain owner they will pummel you with advertisements and phishing scams. Your hosting will be probed to inject malicious code to either steal your search engine traffic or deliver malware to your visitors.

It Was an Enormous Dragon, Germania's Sagenborn

Types of SSLs

All SSL Certificates put https on your domain and the lock in the address bar, and encrypt communications from your visitors browser to your server.

A Standard SSL is the simplest and most common, can protect one domain/site or up to 100 domains/sites, or can protect all subdomains under one domain.

A Premium SSL puts your company name in the address bar after validation of business ownership. It can also protect up to 100 domains/sites or just one.

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Code Signing Certificates

Code Signing Certificates show customers they can trust your code by securing it with a unique digital signature.

A Code Signing Certificate authenticate the source and integrity of your code, and a Driver Signing Certificate is required for all hardware drivers for Windows Vista or later.

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SiteLock malware removal

Basic SiteLock scans your web pages for malicious links and code, but it does not scan files for malware.

Professional SiteLock scans more web page than the 'Basic' plan, and scans your files for malware. If malware is found your SiteLock can and will remove it.

Premium SiteLock scans more web page than the 'Professional' plan, scans more files than the 'Professional' plans, and provides an ongoing vulnerability scan to find new exploitable pieces of your code.

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Footnotes and Afterthoughts