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426 TLDs (Top Level Domains) categorized, alphabetized, and color-coded for your convenience.


a .academy .accountant .accountants .actor .adult .agency .airforce .amsterdam .apartments .archi .army .art .asia .associates .at .attorney .auction .auto

b .band .bar .barcelona .bargains .bayern .beer .berlin .best .bet .bid .bike .bingo .bio .biz .biz.pl .black .blog .blue .boston .boutique .build .builders .business .buzz .bz

c .ca .cab .cafe .camera .camp .capital .car .cards .care .careers .cars .casa .cash .casino .catering .center .ceo .ch .chat .cheap .church .city .claims .cleaning .clinic .clothing .cloud .club .co .co.kr .co.ve .co.za .coach .codes .coffee .college .com .com.au .com.br .com.co .com.mx .com.pe .com.ph .com.pl .com.ve .community .company .computer .condos .construction .consulting .contractors .cooking .cool .country .coupons .courses .credit .creditcard .cricket .cruises .cymru .cz

d .dance .date .dating .deals .degree .delivery .democrat .dental .dentist .desi .design .diamonds .digital .direct .directory .discount .doctor .dog .domains .download

e .earth .education .email .energy .engineer .engineering .enterprises .equipment .estate .eu .events .exchange .expert .exposed .express

f .fail .faith .family .fans .farm .fashion .film .finance .financial .fish .fishing .fit .fitness .flights .florist .football .forsale .foundation .fun .fund .furniture .futbol .fyi

g .gallery .games .garden .gifts .gives .glass .global .gmbh .gold .golf .graphics .gratis .green .gripe .group .guide .guru

h .haus .health .healthcare .hockey .holdings .holiday .horse .hospital .host .house

i .immo .immobilien .in .industries .info .info.pl .info.ve .ink .institute .insure .international .investments .io .irish .ist .istanbul

j .jetzt .jewelry

k .kaufen .kim .kitchen .kiwi .kr

l .la .land .lawyer .lease .legal .lgbt .life .lighting .limited .limo .live .loan .loans .london .love .ltd .ltda .luxury

m .maison .management .market .marketing .mba .me .media .melbourne .memorial .men .menu .miami .mobi .moda .moe .money .mortgage .movie .mx

n .nagoya .navy .ne.kr .net .net.au .net.br .net.co .net.pe .net.ph .net.pl .net.ve .network .news .ninja .nl .nom.co .nom.pe .nrw .nyc

o .okinawa .one .onl .online .org .org.au .org.pe .org.ph .org.pl .org.ve

p .paris .partners .parts .party .pe .pet .ph .photography .photos .pictures .pink .pizza .pl .place .plumbing .plus .poker .porn .press .pro .productions .promo .properties .protection .pub .pw

q .qpon .quebec

r .racing .re.kr .recipes .red .rehab .reise .reisen .rent .rentals .repair .report .republican .rest .restaurant .review .reviews .rich .rip .rocks .rodeo .run .ryukyu

s .sale .salon .sarl .school .schule .science .se .security .services .sex .sg .shiksha .shoes .shop .shopping .show .singles .site .ski .soccer .social .software .solar .solutions .space .storage .store .stream .studio .study .style .supplies .supply .support .surf .surgery .sydney .systems

t .tax .taxi .team .tech .technology .tennis .theater .theatre .tienda .tips .tires .today .tools .tours .town .toys .trade .training .tube .tv

u .uk .university .uno .us

v .vacations .vegas .ventures .vet .viajes .video .villas .vin .vip .vision .vodka .vote .voting .voto .voyage

w .wales .watch .web.ve .webcam .website .wedding .wiki .win .wine .work .works .world .ws .wtf

x .xxx .xyz

y .yoga .yokohama

z .zone


The rest of this page is designed to help you find the best TLD for you. With over 400 available it ain't easy, so we grouped them and colorized the groups then alphabetized them. Happy shopping!

Commerce TLDs

.agency   .auction   .bargains   .best   .bet   .bid   .boutique   .business   .casino   .center   .ceo   .cheap   .claims   .clothing   .company   .coupons   .deals   .delivery   .diamonds   .discount   .enterprises   .equipment   .estate   .forsale   .foundation   .gifts   .gmbh   .gratis   .group   .guide   .kaufen   .ltd   .ltda   .market   .moda   .onl   .parts   .productions   .promo   .qpon   .repair   .report   .review   .reviews   .sale   .salon   .sarl   .security   .services   .shoes   .shop   .shopping   .show   .storage   .store   .studio   .supplies   .supply   .tienda   .tires   .tours   .toys   .trade   .vacations   .ventures   .viajes   .voyage   .zone

Culture TLDs

.buzz   .church   .city   .community   .country   .desi   .earth   .global   .irish   .kim   .kiwi   .lgbt   .moe   .theater   .theatre   .town   .world

Education TLDs

.academy   .college   .courses   .degree   .education   .institute   .mba   .school   .schule   .science   .shiksha   .study   .university

Financial TLDs

.capital   .cash   .credit   .creditcard   .exchange   .finance   .financial   .fund   .loans   .money   .mortgage   .tax

Food & Drink TLDs

.bar   .beer   .cafe   .coffee   .cooking   .menu   .pizza   .pub   .recipes   .rest   .restaurant   .vin   .vodka   .wine

General Purpose gTLDs

.bio   .blue   .expert   .fail   .gold   .green   .guru   .jetzt   .ninja   .pink   .red   .rocks   .site   .solutions   .wtf

Geographic gTLDs

.amsterdam   .asia   .barcelona.bayern   .berlin   .boston   .cymru   .ist   .istanbul   .london   .melbourne   .miami   .nagoya   .nrw.nyc   .okinawa   .paris   .quebec   .ryukyu   .sydney   .vegas   .wales   .yokohama

Government / Political gTLDs

.airforce   .army   .democrat   .navy   .republican   .vote   .voting   .voto

Health gTLDs

.clinic   .dental   .dentist   .doctor   .fit   .fitness   .health   .healthcare   .hospital   .surgery

Industry gTLDs

.adult   .build   .catering   .cleaning   .construction   .design   .engineering   .farm   .fashion   .florist   .furniture   .glass   .industries   .ink   .insure   .international   .jewelry   .limited   .plumbing   .porn   .reise   .reisen   .solar   .xxx

Lifestyle gTLDs

.band   .bingo   .black   .camp   .cards   .care   .coach   .cool   .date   .dating   .dog   .events   .faith   .family   .fans   .fun   .games   .garden   .gives   .holiday   .horse   .kitchen   .life   .love   .luxury   .memorial   .men   .party   .pet   .plus   .rehab   .rich   .rip   .run   .sex   .singles   .social   .style   .team   .tips   .today   .tools   .training   .uno   .wedding   .work   .works   .yoga

Media gTLDs

.art   .exposed   .film   .gallery   .media   .movie   .news   .photography   .photos   .pictures   .press   .video

Professional gTLDs

.accountant   .accountants   .actor   .archi   .associates   .attorney   .builders   .careers   .consulting   .contractors   .engineer   .holdings   .investments   .lawyer   .legal   .lighting   .management   .marketing   .partners   .pro   .vet

Real Estate gTLDs

.apartments   .casa   .condos   .haus   .house   .immo   .immobilien   .land   .lease   .maison   .place   .properties   .rent   .rentals   .villas

Sports gTLDs

.bike   .cricket   .dance   .fish   .fishing   .football   .futbol   .golf   .hockey   .poker   .racing   .rodeo   .ski   .soccer   .surf   .tennis

Technology gTLDs

.blog   .camera   .chat   .cloud   .codes   .computer   .digital   .direct   .directory   .domains   .download   .email   .energy   .express   .fyi   .graphics   .gripe   .host   .live   .network   .one   .protection   .software   .space   .stream   .support   .systems   .tech   .technology   .tube   .vision   .watch   .webcam   .website   .wiki

Transportation gTLDs

.auto   .cab   .car   .cars   .cruises   .flights   .limo   .taxi

Country Code TLDs

.at   .biz.pl   .bz   .ca   .ch   .co   .co.kr   .co.ve   .co.za   .com.au.com.br   .com.co   .com.mx   .com.pe   .com.ph   .com.pl   .com.ve   .cz   .eu   .in   .info.pl   .info.ve   .io   .kr   .la   .me   .mx   .ne.kr.net.au.net.br   .net.co   .net.pe   .net.ph   .net.pl   .net.ve   .nl   .nom.co   .nom.pe   .org.au   .org.pe   .org.ph   .org.pl   .org.ve   .pe   .ph   .pl   .pw   .re.kr   .se   .sg   .tv   .uk   .web.ve   .ws

Footnotes and Afterthoughts

When you check out, remember to add Domain Privacy! Domain Privacy keeps your personal info out of a publicly available database. If you want your name, address, phone, and email available to the world then put it on your website - not in the whois database.