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Frequently Asked Questions

Did people really ask these questions frequently?
Nope! We figure these are questions you might wonder about, so we decided to answer them instead of waiting for you to ask. If you have a question that isn't covered you can use our contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP.
You've got questions, we've got answers, image via pixabay.com
How much does it cost to have a website?
The depends on what your hosting needs are, but in general you should expect between ~$200 to ~$300 per year per website with 1912WebWorks.
A similar package from our parent company will run you, on average, about 35% more. They love to do "discounts" for your first year, but even after their discounts you'll probably pay less with 1912WebWorks :)
While you can probably find "free" versions of just about everything, you'll surely get your money's worth out of it. Quite frankly, If your website isn't worth ~$200 a year then clearly you think it is worth less ...
Wait a minute! They give me a big discount ... and cost more?
Yes. Marketing 101 right? Raise the rates then say "big sale" and people think "wow big sale I should stock up" without actually considering the price. No one wants to admit falling for that, but it works is why the big names do it. You then feel stuck because of how much work it takes to move everything, and now they're making the money you thought you saved.
We're really bad at marketing. We say "our prices are the lowest the parent company will let us set" and let you save now and when you renew. No sticker shock when the full price comes in because you'll be paying 'full price' from the get-go.
No way. This gotta be a scam of some sort...
Believe what you want, shop where you want, pay too much if you want. Our prices are the lowest our parent company will allow us to charge. Literally: we checked the box that said "set all our prices to the lowest possible retail price".
These ar the parent company's actual prices, not their "discounted first time" price.
Parent Company
Suggested Retail
Our Price
Add 'em all up
$163.04 / 38%
Fair disclosure: the parent company offers a different (more expensive) email solution. For this comparison I had to call and specifically ask for the older type of email. Resellers carry it, the parent company carries it, but the parent company wants more of your money.
Do I really need all that security stuff?
YES! Do you need to lock the door on your house when you go out, or your car in the parking lot while shopping? Maybe most of the time "no", but are you going to take that chance?
Hackers don't care if you have a new or small site. They don't care what you're doing or how much traffic you get. They are opportunistic parasitic scavenger animals, perfectly willing to suck the life out of anything they can just in case it helps them make a buck. They are a miserable plague on the internet and, unfortunately, can't (legally) be hunted down then drawn and quartered. So yeah you do need security stuff.
Visitors don't care about your intentions or your budget. Visitors want to know if your site is going to hurt their computer or their wallet. When they see the lock in the address bar they might not know or care about encryption levels, but they will for sure know that lock means a good thing. Do you want to be a good thing for your visitors?
Should I go monthly or annually for my billing?
Whenever possible, monthly makes budgeting a lot easier. Some products can't be done monthly, so for those you're going to get an annual bill. For many people, it makes sense to keep that one bill smaller by paying for some bits monthly throughout the year.
Who is this "parent company"?
We are contractually obligated to NOT answer that question. They are a really big name in the hosting world, and all of our products are exactly the same as if you bought them through the parent. Our phone support is also the same (which is not always a good thing by the way, sorry to say).
If I figure it out will you tell me I'm right?
Nope. We'll lie through our teeth deny it creatively because of our terms and conditions to be a reseller.

Footnotes and Afterthoughts

What happens when you go out of business?
To you? Nothing. When a reseller ceases operations all their clients get 'inherited' by a reseller company setup by the parent company for exactly that reason. Your customer number and password and products stay exactly the same ... with a different "company name" on top. That company charges "suggested retail" so your rates go up, but don't worry about that too much ...
We have pre-paid for our reseller plan through 2025. So even if we all got real jobs and completely stopped doing what we're doing now, your account and prices with us will be the absolute lowest possible prices until at least then 2017 :)