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Welcome to 1912WebWorks!

Hosting is a commodity. Like flour eggs and milk, it ain't nothing till you make it something awesome with it.

We are a reseller for one of the big names in the domain / hosting industry. This lets us give our clients (and you) the lowest possible prices for their web presence needs. A reseller buys the right to offer domain names, hosting, email accounts, and other web-related services to their own customers. We pay a fee to be a reseller, have a buy rate and a suggested retail price for each product ... and a minimum price we are allowed to offer these products to you for. That is we chose: we set our prices to 'minimum'.

Our prices are the lowest prices a reseller can set for domains, hosting, security, emails, and related web presence products.

How low are the prices?

Depending on exactly what you need, pretty dang low! Here is a typical situation: one domain, one website, security, a few emails:

Parent Company
Suggested Retail
Our Price
Add 'em all up
$163.04 / 38%

Isn't that YOUR money?

Fair disclosure: the parent company offers a different (more expensive) email solution. For this comparison I had to call and specifically ask for the older type of email. Resellers carry it, the parent company carries it, but the parent company wants more of your money.

Footnotes and Afterthoughts

.COM for $8.99.GURU for $27.99.INFO for $12.99.NET for $10.99.ORG for $13.99.ROCKS for $11.99.XYZ for $11.99

Not "low now, higher later": always the lowest possible prices for your domains :)